Saturday, April 04, 2009

Just Enjoy The Trip

It’s complicated.
Make a trip with people who sucks me for much of thing. There is a lot of criteria and all of that make me feel so uncomfortable. One, thinks that he only have one boss and no there is no one can tell him what he must do. Two, act like he knows everything. Think that he is the one and only knows everything and just talk and talk and talk. Three, act bossy with no realize who exactly he is. 
For man A, I wanna say “Stop be like a jerk”. For man B, I wanna say “Ups, it is disquisting”. For man C, I wanna say “Who the hell you are?”

One thing that make me stay that I’ve been said that I must enjoy my trip. Try to connect with nature, just enjoy it. The sound round and round in my head and make me feel comfort during the sucks thing. And then, I like to see the stones, the rockstones, the trees,fish, white sand, island,and many view which make me calm.

I enjoy my trip, I enjoy be with 3 man who makes me sick, try to take what happen to me today. And then, everything goes normally again. There is a smile, there is a laugh, there is a help, there is human connection, there is take a picture, there is much thing I love it. Fortunately, beside I have 3 annoying man,I have 5 funny man. A with his calm and it send to me. B with the “wanna know” behaviour. So, we discuss all that time. C with his funny laugh, if he laugh, I laugh although for me that’s not funny joke. D with his wise,calm. He is so adult. And the,E, who enjoy his life much. Never take everything personally, cheerfull people. Yup, I’ve work trip with 8 man. 

Just relax if you have a bad situation. Just relax if you have a friend who doesn’t respect you. Just relax if everything happen not like what you want to be happen. Just relax, just take a deep breath and enjoy it. Everything will fine. I believe in good. The good thing will happen if we believe it.the good thing will happen if we survive through the screw. Everything will be okay if we believe it will be okay.

And now, I am okay with today. And for that feeling, thanks to someone who call me at 4 a.m just for ask me to enjoy my trip today. You are my person, thanks……..


  1. Anonymous4:11 PM

    man A, man C, Man D,
    jangan-jangan tiga "man" yang terlalu kerajinan nongkrong dicafe amper setengah hari intu yah...



  2. Bukan lagi bung. Ini pas lg pjalanan dinas